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Obama Scare

January 30, 2011

The Constitution states that the Union was formed to “promote the general welfare,” not to promote the entitlements of the health insurance corporation “your money or your life” death culture.

The first US president and the first US Congress passed the first mandates, the militia acts of 1792. The first mandated that every eligible male enroll in the militia. The second mandated the weapons and equipment each was required to possess and maintain.

In 1986, Reagan signed a bill mandating that all US hospitals receiving Medicare funds evaluate and stabilize any patient seeking emergency care to stop the dumping of patients to die of medical neglect.

Two federal judges have ruled that the insurance requirement is constitutional.

Jesus said that those who did not provide care for the poorest of the sick were doomed to eternal punishment.

Maybe they were all wrong.

Trash the Pledge

January 29, 2011

When I was a school child we pledged allegiance to one nation, indivisible, but studied the “War Between the States.” Other children pledged allegiance but studied “The War of Northern Aggression.” Still others studied “The War of Southern Rebellion.” Some, particularly Jehovah’s Witness, were harassed and persecuted because they would not take an oath that violated their religious beliefs.

The pledge I recited wasn’t the original pledge written by Frances Bellamy, a Baptist minister and a Socialist, who believed America could have an economy with political, social and economic liberty for all. As chair of the state committee in the National Education Association he included the raising of the flag and the pledge in a Columbus Day celebration. “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” “To” the Republic was added later.

In 1924 the pledge was amended again by changing “my flag” to “the flag of the United States of America” despite Bellamy’s disapproval. In 1954, terrified by the Soviet Union, Congress added God’s name as a rabbit’s foot they could rub while cowering in bomb shelters. Since then school children, and others, pledge allegiance to a nation “under God,” although no one seems to know what the phrase means. Every nation is under God, including the United States? America is under God and no one else is? Whatever its meaning, using God’s name as an amulet is superstition and using God’s name for a secular purpose is blasphemy.

How many of your elected officials can pledge allegiance? I mean without lying? We have secessionists in Congress, Legislatures and governor’s mansions who claim that the nation indivisible is the problem and division is the solution. Republican lawmakers in Idaho, Alabama, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Nebraska, Wyoming and Texas are discussing plans for “one nation, divisible” wherein states can nullify parts of the Constitution that they do not like and choose which federal laws they will obey.

My governor, best known as “big hair,” has declared that Texas has a right to secede whenever it wishes. However, he managed to win reelection by declaring that the state was “debt-free.” And made it so by begging for federal stimulus funds while creating a petition called “No Government Bailouts” and inviting others to join the fight against such irresponsible spending.

With the state deficit estimated at $27 billion and no stimulus funds in sight, Senator John Cornyn asked the Federal Reserve about the possibility of a state declaring bankruptcy. That would seem to require the state to deny its sovereignty, so it’s hard to see which way Red states intend to slide or how many Republican officials can pledge allegiance.

“Liberty and justice for all,” has never been more than an ideal, and seems less truthful than ever with deregulation for We the corporations, and less liberty and justice and more intrusion in the private lives for We the people.

Rather than further desecrate the pledge that is blasphemous and a lie, perhaps we should honor it as we would honor a soiled flag and burn it.