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When News Becomes Deceit

August 28, 2015

Some people unwilling to use their legal names lied about their purpose and secretly recorded what they claimed was evidence of a crime. However, they did not turn the evidence over to the authorities for prosecution but tampered with the evidence, proving they were either liars or criminals. If they had evidence they had committed a crime by tampering with it. If they didn’t have evidence they were liars. What honest person would do that?

But the deceit didn’t end there. Any honest reporter would see immediately that they were liars or criminals and some reporters did say they were liars. I know of none who said they were criminals because no one believed they had evidence of a crime. The biggest and loudest media outlets repeatedly claimed a heinous crime had been committed, but it wasn’t the crime of tampering with evidence. It was the crime of being a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding poor women that legally gave human tissue to those who would use it to save lives, especially the lives of the newborn.

People who claimed to be “pro-life” but in reality are only pro-birth on demand screamed that rather than being used to save lives the tissue must be destroyed, proving once again that they are not pro-life.

How could this deceit live on in the media, endlessly and mindlessly repeated despite all evidence of the deceit? Because lies are tastier than truth and live in the mouths of those who love profit and power more than lives. I don’t know of any person or group that protested the deaths of zygotes, embryos, fetuses in Iraq. There a “pro-life” administration that struggled to decide whether stem cells should be destroyed or used to save lives committed genocide against both the born and the unborn.

Iran Nuclear Treaty

August 1, 2015

There have been a lot of presidents and congresses since Hiroshima. Who have we stopped from making nuclear weapons? Not the Soviet Union that was a threat to us and to world peace. Not China or North Korea that threaten each other. Not India or Pakistan that are enemies and have had shooting wars. Not Israel. Which of those countries is less a threat to us and to world peace than Iran?

Perhaps if Barack Obama had been president instead of Dwight Eisenhower the CIA might not have overthrown the democratically elected president of Iran and placed the tyrannical Shah on the throne. Obama might not have promoted Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” program that provided Iran with its first nuclear materials and encouraged Iran’s peaceful development of nuclear energy.

If Obama had been president instead of Ronald Reagan he might not have sold weapons to Iran that equipped Hezbollah that blew up the US Embassy in Beirut and a hotel barracking US Marines. Or, perhaps Obama would have been impeached for violating domestic and international law by selling weapons to a state sponsor of terror.

We’ll never know what might have happened but we should know the history of how we got to where we are.