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When America was Great

January 18, 2018

Remember when America was Great? January, 2001, “The outlook for the federal budget over the next decade continues to be bright,” the Congressional Budget Office reported. “Such large (Clinton) surpluses would be sufficient by 2006 to paying off all debt held by the public that will be available for redemption.”
Bush, Jr. threw a hissy fit. NO! Politicians would spend the surplus on things like education, health care and the infrastructure. That money belonged to the people. Defining “people” as Reagan did, he gave it to the richest so that his family, cronies and campaign funders could ensure that their children received a good education, had great health care and the infrastructure around their homes and corporate buildings was the world’s finest.

V.P. Cheney, waving the flag and beating the drum for war, aped Reagan that deficits were good. In 2006, Congress raised the debt limit to approximately six trillion, the 4th increase in five years. Job losses were so great that not even starting two wars could stop the hemorrhaging.

Deficits worked so well for Reagan and Bush that Trump and his psycophants are doing it again.

A Crack in the Dam: Will Treason Leak Out?

July 26, 2017

Suddenly there is a crack in the dam and the bottled up news of the sabotage of the 1968 peace negotiations by Republican Party Leaders may trickle out. July 12, Jonathan Martin wrote in the New York Times, “There is only one known historical parallel to the Trump campaign’s contacts with the Russians, and it involves Richard M. Nixon. Running for president in 1968, Nixon told H. R. Haldeman, his eventual White House chief of staff, to “monkey wrench” peace talks in Vietnam in order to scuttle any deal that would have handed Hubert Humphrey, the Democratic nominee, a political victory in the closing days of the election.”

It’s not a secret but it is largely unknown. Anna Chennault, the widow of Flying Tiger hero Gen. Claire Chennault, revealed her part in the treachery in her 1980 autobiography, The Education of Anna. Seymour Hersh reported it in his 1983 biography of Kissinger, The Price of Power. Bui Diem, South Vietnamese ambassador to the US, wrote about it in his books. The documentary evidence in the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library was declassified in 2008, and you can hear President Johnson say, “That’s treason,” and Republican leader Everett Dirksen reply, “I know”. However, outside of book reviews, the story has been widely ignored by the news media and historians, even histories of the Vietnam War and biographies of Lyndon Johnson.

Mr. Martin cited John Farrell’s new book, Richard Nixon: The Life. Maybe at last the truth will be known.